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believe that they may have drawn them to the cooler waters of northern california. this is the third stranding in six weeks. >> it is really an exploratory time for us as we are learning more about what causes these strandings, whether or not we should be worried about them. >> cbs 5. >> and on the weather, ladies and gentlemen, we have a warm day in the bay area today. warmer than average by a long shot as we are about 10 degrees where we usually are at this time of the year. take a look at the numbers around the bay area as first, take a look at this. the high tides are due this week in the bay because we are closer to the sun now than we are at any other time of the year a. little weird if you think about it. i mean it is winter, nevertheless, we're closer to the sun. as a result, the highs will be up the next couple of days as you'll see the warnings off the off ramps as the tides come up. 47 degrees at concord right now. sfo at 54 and san jose at 53 degrees. the high temperatures today, scaling the heights as well with a record high in oakland, only keeping records there for bel
of moisture out there. it's aimed squarely at the bay area and northern california. the only reason why it's not pouring outside right now is we're in between wave of low pressure moving through. right now we're getting scattered showers. look at the rain up and down the western sea board here. seattle, portland getting heavy rainfall. our round of rain is several miles offshore. it's only a matter of time before it gets here. the timing has changed. it likely will be after midnight tomorrow night before the rain picks up in and around san francisco, oakland and san jose. we're pushing things back after midnight tomorrow. rainfall totals have not changed. everywhere you see purple another two inches of rainfall. north day, three to five inches of additional rainfall. a lot of rain coming through from midnight tomorrow night through the day on sunday. it looks like it will come in a consolidated amount of time. it looks like the rain will be out of here sunday afternoon. dryer by sunday evening. the average high is right around 60 degrees. napa 64. san jose, 65 degrees. the rain picks up to
's getting steered. right into northern california. it's called the pineapple express. are hawaii to here, round three. we'll get one on sunday. round three, the final round is just about here. after midnight we're all going to get very wet. several inches of rainfall for the north bay. anywhere from 1 to 2.5 inches of rainfall in and around the bay area. future cast, we get new information every hour. an inch and a half for santa cruz. inch and a half for redwood city. nearly two inches more in san rafel. nearly 2 inches of new rainfall by tomorrow evening. with the ground saturated we will see more urban flooding tomorrow than we did friday. less of an impact. still out there tomorrow. moving in tonight, it'll be a soaker. especially tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, got a little bit of a break. actually get a big bit of a break. that's the last round. it'll be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. highs will be mild. might not have a chance to enjoy. it'll be wet as well. averages around 60. mountain view 63. campbell 63 degrees. very wet tomorrow morning. mid60s for pleasant hill. ri
, another system in the atmosphere heading toward northern california but farther to the north than the last one. high pressure is nudging the storm track farther away from us. so it's a near miss, and the atmosphere isn't as energized as it was over the past several days. you're getting rain, you're not getting flooding. high pressure will give us sunshine over the next several days. it'll abe chilly pattern, but it will be a drier weather pattern. showers north now, we all get them tomorrow. it'll be a wet morning commute, wet evening commute, and done with the wet for a while. several straight dry days beginning on thursday. your forecast for tomorrow, a couple degrees above average. san jose on target for early december. showers around pleasant hill, pleasanton, and san ramon. extended forecast, once the rain is finished tomorrow our yards will finally dry out. we're going to have sunshine across the board. nice weekend, chilly, but drying out after tomorrow. >> and sunshine. >> how about a 41 forecast? >> to mid- january? >> i'm feeling chilly! >> we'll deal with that. >> the exclus
beautiful weather. sunshine. hawaii could do it, maybe arizoo it, but northern california can do it nicely as well. let's talk about where we're at tonight. it's going to be chilly to get to the sunshine tomorrow. 39 for napa. 38 for fairfield. santa rosa 39. 48 for san francisco. san jose down to 40. good night for figure skating. s are having a good time. mom and dad doing a lot of watch watching. the kids going around there. great friday night to get out and about. no rainfall. yes, it's chilly, but if you'ree ing, who really cares? doppler bone dry. we'll stay that way for the next at least four days. i see no rain in the forecast until wednesday at the earliest. maybe you're going skiing. most of the ski resorts toward tahoe have all the lifts open. 87%, that's where we are with the snow pack. last year at this time only 36%. you'll get a lot of sunshine because of a big area of high pressure. you can kind of tell there's an area of high pressure when it almost looks like mother nature sprayed windex on southern california. taking the storm track, shoving it up in to oregon and weste
was no good either. his mother purchased them at a northern california safeway. they've been tucked away in a drawer for more than a year. >> the gift card representative who said these cards were already used. where? she said one of the places was online. and i said i don't shop online. guy into a store. >> reporter: he's not the only one complaining. we found similar complaints who say they too just learned their $100 gift cards were worthless. it's not just macies. two years ago a batch of best buy gift cards turned out to have zero plans as well. >> it's kind of embarrassing when it doesn't work. >> reporter: back then the problem was tampering, scammers scratch off the pin code and registering the card so once it was purchased they could use the money before the person who purchased it. he noticed his code was exposed. tonight macies confirms it did have a problem with tampered cards several years ago and it's possible these are part of the leftover stock. it's also possible there's a new round of tampering. >> tough luck. >> reporter: well not necessarily. macies tells us tonight i
, low 40s. no rain yet. dry conditions. most of northern california. we will be cold and unstable for a while. see the clouds from the north and west. our air is coming down from the gulf of alaska. chilly stuff. we will stay chilly with waves of low pressure moving through, giving us rain from time to time. no flooding concerns but it will be chilly. highs in the 50s for the next 5- 7 days. this weekend we have showers around saturday and sunday. scattered showers, chilly for your weekend. oakland 56. that is normal. concord 52. san jose 55. palo alto 55. low 50s pleasant hills hills and pittsburg. extended forecast, scattered showers saturday and sunday. no break from the showers till the middle of next week. feels like winter. >> with the cool temperatures, any chance for snow? >> mount hamilton. >> that is our white christmas. thank you. >>> holiday display like no other in one city and what happened when the star was a no show. cbs 5 reporter juliette gooh rmore.. juliette. >>> is holiday show unlike anything you have ever seen. >> unless you are 2000 years old. cbs 5 juliett
've got a big storm out there. a lot of moisture being grabbed, thrown right into the northern california area. you can see it's working its way south and almost into the bay area right now to the north bay. tonight and tomorrow it will be windy and wet with a front moving through. this is the first in about three different fronts. not expecting any widespread flooding or river problems. it'll be just soggy and the time for many of you hitting the road or air will be rough. some of you going to the mall to go shopping, it'll be wet for you too. they are not moving. we'll be wet all the way on through the weekend. and the heaviest rain will be up to the north. nearly an inch. about a quarter of an inch for tomorrow morning and concord and haywood. now what to expect? they get here for the morning hours. rain heavy at times all the way through sunday, but skies will clear by christmas eve. high tomorrow, san jose 56. hayward at 55. mid-50s and wet for pleasant hill and san ramon and low to mid-50s for san rafael and alameda. calling for rain all the way through sunday as we dry out christma
of least resistance will carry them primarily into northern california. the only day with zero rain chance is christmas eve, monday! tomorrow, we're looking at about 0.5-inch of rainfall for san francisco, 3/4 of an inch at redwood city. your extended forecast, calling for rain saturday and sunday. dry on monday. then the showers are back christmas afternoon. wednesday, thursday, and friday more showers. pretty wet weekend for those last-minute shopping errands. >>> finally some news on where the a's might be playing baseball for the next few years. ,, third triple double of his career.... start the c >>> david lee strengthened his case tonight for a trip to houston and the all-star game. with the bobcats in town, that means one thing! dad getting a little time with grand baby riley! warriors up 12, but the bop cats go on an 8-5 run later in the quarter. tonight was the steph curry and david lee show! 4th quarter, the curry jumper from lee. lee ten assists and a triple double. >>> the cardinals answer, aaron brown hits the go-ahead 3. stanford wins. >>> and the a's will play for the next f
. often it is not northern california and the pacific northwest or down to the south. we have been stuck in the pattern over the past several weeks. ever since thanksgiving where most of the storms will make a rather direct hit on into the bay area. such is the case today with the other storm. one day though because by friday here comes the next storm, it will be after that when we finally get a break for the last two to three days. the rain will move out by tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow, mid- 50s. your extended forecast calling for drier weather on thursday. and we will have showers around tomorrow morning. showers are back on friday and saturday, but a longer dry spell sunday through tuesday of next week. that's your cbs 5 forecast. >>> all right ahead if you like basketball, oh man! you're going to love this show. the minute next. ,,,, oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffe
is amazingly still headed toward northern california. are we going to get a break between storms or is there another one coming? we're talking about a break right now. the winds go clockwise around high pressure. a northwest flow of air tomorrow. but you will be dry and chilly with partly sunny skies. by friday, our next rain-maker with about half as much rainfall as on christmas. rainfall returning late friday, early saturday, no flooding concerns at all, but rain will be falling by friday afternoon. all of tomorrow, the first half of friday, dry. the rest of the weekend is dry. an excellent weekend with lots of fresh snow in the ski areas. san jose tops out at 54. cupertino, 54. livermore 53, antioch 53 . rain is back late friday, early saturday, then we dry things out. sunday looking dry. new year's eve, nice , sunny, upper 50s. new year's day, good as well. no big storms but a chance of rain coming back as soon as friday afternoon. >>> nfl pro -bowl votes are in. and the warriors, a little chippy on the road! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, did not have a player selecd to >>> raider nation
forecast if you are around northern california, sunshine in eureka. light show for lake tahoe. if you are heading out on monday, expect an increasing clouds with maybe a few showers coming in monday night as well. it would be on the light side. not a big deal. forecast high monday, for sfo, 54. at new york, they are going to get some partly cloudy skies. for us tonight, the lows will be 34 in santa rosa. not as cold as last night. 35 in napa. 36 at livermore. we will do no better than mid 50s in the bay area. livermore hits 53, extends forecasts call for cloudy conditions new year's eve. a few light showers tonight. sun on sunday, maybe a little coming in monday or tuesday. the rest of the week looks high and dry. so have a great weekend. >> thanks brian, you too. fiscal cliff is no concern for these consumers. whether they are driving a truckload of cash or a cool ride. ,,,,,, hey, dad. i love boleros. share what moves you. go, go, go-- yes ! you've got to get one of these. share a great performance. what are you doing ? this tools app is awesome. share the perfect plan. that is awe
out in mountain view. if you're doing any traveling across northern california, for the most part, we're expecting things to stay dry. with mostly sunny skies in redding and sacramento. tahoe, good day to head up toward the slope fist you're doing any skiing. there are no chain requirements right now on interstate 80 or highway 50. yosemite, they're expecting snow with a high of only 39 degrees. the next several days, things look unsettled on monday, still a chance of rain in the forecast but not much. any plans on new year's eve night, it looks okay. it is going to be chilly. tuesday and wednesday into thursday morning, things get more unsettled, and friday into saturday, we can get hit with more wet weather. the fireworks show, partly cloudy and cool. should be a pretty good viewing. >> the clouds just have to stay out of the way. [ laughter ] >>> they're called the burrito boys. meet the teens serving up food for those who need it most. and a christmas list that had their father putting them in their place. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to help those who need it mt -- >>> an exercise for some tee
. being set on fire. wayne houchin of chico says his hd and ha >>> a magician from northern california is recovering tonight after being set on fire. he says that his head and hands were burned after the host of a show in the dominican republic poured a flammable liquid on it and then lit it. it wasn't a part of the act. the show never aired, but a cell phone video of the incident has gone viral. he says that he has hired some lawyers now and plans to sue. >>> and a cat in oakland has few lives worse for where after weathering the weekend's storm from the top of the telephone pole. neighbors say that it first ran up there on thursday and there it stayed through the storms until a fire crew showed up today. they didn't need to do much rescuing after that whole ordeal. the cat simply jumped down and ran off. >>> well the grocery store tabloids have been predicting this since the royal wedding, but tonight it's official. buckingham palace says that princess kate is pregnant. the dutchess is still in the first trimester, but it couldn't be kept under wrath when she was rushed to the hospit
-related accident in 20 years in northern california. and the ranch owners are not sure how they got out to begin with. >>> a new state law is worrying some people concerned about distracted driving because the law will allow drivers to send text messages as long as they use technology fully voice operated and hands free. supporters say it's better than having drivers type while driving but that hand-free texting draws attention away from the road. >> among other laws that will go into affect on new year's day, carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in condos and apartments and smoke detectors and two laws, businesses and schools demanding that they share their social media information and breast feeding will be added to prevent discrimination and housing and school officials and coaches must report suspected child sexual abuse and self-driving cars will be allowed on california roads. and expect to see them driving next to you on the highway. >>> one of the bay area's largest countes is sending large shopping bags to pasture as the new year begins on tuesday and applies to alameda counties
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